Toddler with Down syndrome featured in ad for Banana Republic’s new baby collection

Toddler with Down syndrome featured in ad for Banana Republic’s new baby collection

Brands are finally taking the required efforts to demonstrate their inclusiveness.

In recent years, we’ve seen fashion businesses shift away from their traditional model—a slim white lady—and toward more diverse models to better reflect their clientele. While we have celebrated this, there are still categories of individuals that are underrepresented, one of which is people with disabilities.

Victoria’s Secret recently featured its first Down syndrome model, and now another business is celebrating a milestone with the introduction of its baby line.

Banana Republic’s current campaign features a baby boy with Down syndrome.

“The BR Baby collection recently launched by Banana Republic was designed with a promise to be more sustainable, more welcoming, and more inclusive,” the company said in a statement, per FOX 5 NY.

“We want to celebrate diversity in all of its manifestations, and the casting for BR Baby provided us with an ideal opportunity to do so.” We were overjoyed to offer this lovely, caring human his first modeling gig.”

So adorable!

Katie Driscoll, the creator and president of Changing the Face of Beauty, said the organization, which is dedicated to equal representation of people with disabilities in the media, was “overjoyed” that brands were speaking to the disabled community through their advertisements.

“So often our community is overlooked when diversity is being considered, fact is the disability community is the largest minority in the world and one in 5 families know or love someone with a disability. Being seen in the world we live in is vital to our future.”


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