Famers Stay Silent During Auction So Young Man Can Buy His Family Farm Back

Famers Stay Silent During Auction So Young Man Can Buy His Family Farm Back

We often hear the same type of story growing up. It’s the story of how our family came to be, and what happened in history to bring our family to the place they are currently. Many of these stories are filled with tales of triumph and success, but many of them are also filled with tales of misfortune and heartbreak. No matter what our circumstances, we all want to become part of our family’s story, one way or another.

When a farmer from Nebraska saw that he had the chance to change the history of his family, he jumped at his possibility. This isn’t just a story about family, though. It is also about a community and how people can come together when they see that it is the right thing to do.

David heard the same story as he grew up. It was a tale of lost land and unfilled destiny. Before David was born, his family took care of the same large piece of land for decades. But that all changed when one family member was given eighty areas. The land was broken up.

David had heard the tales of what had been lost to his now-distant relative as he grew older. He wanted to make the family farm whole, so when the opportunity arose, he knew he had to seize the moment. He didn’t know exactly how he was going to do it, but he did know that it was up to him to at least try.
David came to the auction that day with enough cash on him to place a bid. However, he wasn’t sure he could compete against the larger farms he was up against.

David and his father simply hoped for the best
The auctioneer started the auction off with a single bid. But you won’t believe what happened next- when he called for a second bid, the room fell silent. No one out of the other 200 farmers made a sound.

This reaction was not at all expected, so much that the auctioneer even asked for a break. Still, no one bid on the farm when they resumed. David and the rest of the family were stunned. They had easily won back their farm! But why and how was it so easy?

The Nebraskan farming community knew of the story and wanted David and his family to reclaim possession of the land. The purposely stood silent when the second bid was called out in order to allow them to win the bid. This incredible story left David and his family filled with gratitude and amazement. Human kindness can go a very long way, as we can see through this story.

You can watch the story in the video below:


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